Covid-19 Infection Control

We follow the national and local infection controls

Covid-19 tiltak

We work continuously with infection control, to ensure that your stay with us can be completed within a safe framework. Below you can read a little about measures we take to make you feel safe, and what expectations we have for you as a guest to ensure that other guests and our employees also have a safe experience with us.

We will do everything we can to make this season as normal as possible for you. We depend on our guests following the advice given, and that we have rules and infection control in place.

We look forward to welcoming you – and to giving all our guests a great experience!

The main rules
Below you will find a description of the main rules that apply to the facility. We also point out that these rules will be very visible in the facility at the start of the season, and that they may be changed in line with national changes.

THINK ABOUT THIS FIRST: The most important thing we demand of you as a guest before you is that you make your own decisions on the following:

Am I sick?
Am I in quarantine?
In that case, do not visit our facilities. We are completely dependent on people who have symptoms, are ill or are in quarantine staying at home.

IF YOU ARE HEALTHY, you are welcome to visit us, the most important thing to think about is:

Good hand and cough hygiene
At least 1 meter distance
Use mask when neccessary
Here are some rules that apply in the bottom area:

The restaurants are required to sell food with drinks of alcohol.